One of the great disappointments in life is seeing your package delivery date go from "today" to "tomorrow". This morning I was overjoyed to see UPS on schedule for today but in the afternoon I was crushed to see it had been dropped in the mailbox for USPS to deliver tomorrow.

This originally said "Out for Delivery"the old switcheroo

This is not the first time this has happened and I can't figure out the logic. Either tell the sender to use USPS from the outset or drop it in the mail closer to the sender, not after they've already spent the money on bringing it to my neighborhood.

And, seriously, as I am write now typing this line, the UPS man is here with two packages, neither of which is the one I'm tracking.

I talked with the driver about this and he said that they often drop the last mile, but their system usually kicks back when they see they have more than one item going to an address. We have two addresses - the one for the front of the house is our "physical address" and the one for the back of the house, on a different street, is our "mailing address", so maybe UPS's system didn't catch that they were headed to the same place. Seems reasonable.

He also said that all the carriers have agreements with each other for "last mile" delivery because "free shipping" puts so much price pressure on the carriers.

Rather than just complain on the internet I went to the post office to try and pick up my package. The first question was "what address?" and I felt like a chump because I had to give them multiple choice. The postmaster[^n] found my package and then I went to pick up my daughter at school. When she saw the package she got a big smile on her face, grabbed it, and ran back in to school. It was a Christmas present for her favorite teacher that she wasn't going to see again until after the holidays.
Merry Christmas