I helped coordinate ~500 volunteers over the course of five days at Startup Week San Diego for the Startup San Diego organization. We used VolunteerLocal for all the volunteer signups and scheduling but that site didn't have a good way of seeing where we had big gaps in our schedule or who we should expect when during the day.

Our first concern as people started signing up was a getting a rough idea where our holes were so I created this visualization based on the javascript library "timeline." It was helpful to see at a glance how our recruiting efforts were doing.

picture of the swsd volunteer calendar timeline site

For coordinating the hundred or so volunteers each day we needed something more precise than the timeline so I created an online spreadsheet based on DataTables. This was very helpful as we could filter by the day and sort by time to see exactly when people were supposed to show up, which jobs they were assigned, and where we had gaps.

picture of the swsd volunteer calendar table site

The examples I posted here and on github have been anonymized.

By all accounts Startup Week San Diego was a success and I'm happy to have helped.