I have been playing around with the Arduino again, finally getting my sous vide project completed. As much hype as there is on the topic I was underwhelmed by the outcome.

The technology and premise were cool! I mostly followed the Adafruit instructions, using a plain-old crockpot. For the first meal I cooked chicken breasts and I didn't like them any better than I like my pan-fried thighs. Then I tried steaks and again I don't think they turned out any better than what I can do without having to fuss with the sous vide setup.

One thing I did change was using the wifi hat so I could track temperature over time. The algorithm that keeps the temperature steady is pretty cool. From my office I could hear the relays clicking on and off. Their was a lot of lag at the beginning as the system "learned" while coming up to temperature and then some over-shooting and finally it settled into steady-state with very little "clicking." At some point I opened a window to cool down the house and you could hear the circuit adjusting for that.

Final analysis is that this was a cool solution to a problem I don't have.