I'm very slowly putting an old Porsche back together again. It's a 1967 911S that's sat in our garage for about 10 years. There's a couple of things I'm working on, including getting the horn working again. When I got it back from the shop the horn had been removed and not put back together, grr. When I bolted it back together it didn't work - the ground from the horn button wasn't getting to the relay. If I ground out the relay manually the horn worked just fine. In the process of tracing the wire from the relay (which is right near the battery in this car - not sure where it originally was) all the way back up to the steering wheel I remembered I had the original steering wheel in storage, so I installed it. This put the original problem on hold because the horn button on the original steering wheel didn't work for two reasons (see the problems multiplying?). Cut to the chase, the battery had abraded the horn wire down to nothing, so I was able to easily fix that with some solder and tape. The horn button I have to get some parts for. There's three things wrong that I know of - and I'm sure it will be six before I'm done.

  • The first is that the new old horn doesn't have a turn-signal return bracket. That means when you turn on the turn-signal it doesn't turn off automatically. Not the first car I've had that has this feature.

  • Second problem is that the wheel doesn't have the little spring-loaded friction contact point that stays in contact with a stationary copper ring so there's no way for the ground signal to get from the horn ring to the relay.

  • Third problem is that the rubber inside the horn button has corroded and needs to be replaced.

I'm not really sure how the first two things occurred - maybe one whole piece is missing, or, the part I think is the original steering wheel really isn't. Hopefully I can find some pictures of an original that's been taken apart.

Here's some pictures of what I have.

Steering wheel on

Hub w/ nut

Back of steering wheel

![Back of steering wheel]](https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/com.altgnat.www.blog/2016/12/13/porsche/2016-12-13+15.38.33.jpg)

Steering column

Hub and column

Worn out rubber

Worn out rubber - oblique