Natasha and I spent another day helping build homes. This time here in Barrio San Diego. It felt good to be out in the sun all day with a hammer in hand, seeing progress being made. Lunch was especially good - we were hungry and found some street tacos around the corner from the site.

Natasha put in flooring, spending most of the day with a couple of volunteers putting down flooring with giant decking screws and a cordless drill. She also had to figure out how to attach some ceiling panels on the inside of the unit while not really being able to see or communicate with her team-member on the outside of the unit. It was fun watching her overcome the technical and non-technical challenges.

I worked on clean-up, sealing the floor (I also volunteered for flooring the ceiling, but alas, no), and nailing in metal connectors that tied the four units together. Each bracket took 38 16-penny nails and there were six brackets total for a total of 3648 pennies ($36.48) worth of nails. I got a blister but we also got our money's worth.