Your recurring reminder that dropbox hates your symbolic links and will do everything in its power to destroy your link cleverness in the most devious ways possible. And will find new and more destructive ways to do it all again next time.

Here's an example that's bit me:

alpha % cd ~Dropbox/ghost
alpha % ls -CF
...  current@  versions/
alpha % ls -CF versions/
1.7.1/   1.8.1/
alpha % ls -l current
lrwxrwxrwx ... current -> versions/1.7.1
alpha % ssh beta
beta % cd ~Dropbox/ghost
beta % ls -CF
... current/ versions/

See what happened there? On the host where the symbolic link was created it's as expected. On every other machine the symbolic link has been replaced with a full copy of the directory that the link was pointing to, which could be tens of thousands of files consuming gigabytes of bandwidth and storage. It will also replace soft links with copies of the linked to file (hard links too, but I'm used to that).