I've always disliked the "silo" approach to IT because it puts technology before value. The only measure of success of any IT organization should be the value it brings to the business/customer, or client. If IT is organized by technology then they are rewarded for going out and selling their particular technology stack. If organized and integrated with the customer the team should be motivated to use the best tool for the job every single time.

A pet peeve of mine is hearing admins brag about uptime: "It's been years since this machine's been rebooted!" This is a sign that your team is aligned to technology and not your customer's success. A much better brag is "we cut processing time by half which increased quality AND got us to market quicker!" When you hear your team talking like that good things are happening.

I don't think this is the only symptom of the IT organization being misaligned, or mis-directed, but I do believe it's the worst symptom.

Here's a really good article from McKinsey that gives some more depth on why and how to move away from a silo organization.

In a future post I'll explain how my experience in ROTC helped my thinking on this topic.

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